Pinstripe Print Limited was incorporated on 1 May 1998. Initially the directors set out to develop a sound business supplying quality design and print. at this time our services comprised of artwork and design, quality print and finishing. Since 1998 the company has secured the business of several major customers and developed a reputation for quality, service and reliability. Today, Pinstripe’s core business activity is the provision of “marketing support services”.

Methodology & Systems

Pinstripe is totally customer focussed and the requirements of our customers are paramount in everyone’s mind. as a result, the systems we operate are continually reviewed to ensure they are providing exactly what is required in an efficient and effective manner.

We work closely with our customers at all times, advising them where we can and working with them on projects to find the best solutions. Our experience means we can always find a solution to a problem, however complex. We encourage our customers to let us manage the areas where we are experts, thus enabling us to deliver economic savings and added value in all respects.

We only work with preferred suppliers. This applies to all suppliers. all go through our preferred supplier selection process before we deal with them, to ensure they meet our quality and operational standards.

Our customers demand quality and service at all times. We operate to strict quality and environmental guidelines and staff undergo regular training to ensure we maintain and improve our quality standards and service. We are:

Health & Safety, COSHH, Noise and all other regulatory areas are reviewed on a regular basis and we work closely with the BPIF (British Printing Industries Federation) to ensure we are compliant in all areas.

Value added

Delivering value for money is a key objective in Pinstripe. We do this by partnering with all our clients and ensuring we are part of their team. In addition, we operate detailed supply chain management procedures. These allow us to guarantee improvements in the products and services provided, leading to delivery of value for money. They work in conjunction with all our systems and procedures particularly our management, production, quality and environmental procedures.

Our supply chain management procedures require us to look at all aspects of every job. Each element is reviewed and critiqued to ensure the job is done in the most effective and efficient manner. This allows us to choose between in-house or external production and thus deliver tangible savings. The process also allows us to undertake a risk assessment of each job and minimise any issues that may arise.

Our experience shows that this continually reviewing/planning methodology delivers considerable costs saving, both in monetary and time terms – and improves the quality and service we deliver. Examples include:

  • Identifying cost and time savings
  • Reducing/eliminating duplication of effort
  • Anticipating through planning
  • Taking away hassles and frustrations
  • Stocking and production of economic batch quantities
  • Economic job scheduling and batching
  • Introducing print management/stocking where appropriate
  • Partnering and working together as a team
  • Flexible production including 24 hour working

We monitor the quality of our products and services as part of our ISO9001 and ISO12647-2 procedures. This monitoring includes feedback from customers and ensures we continue to deliver value for money.